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TRU-VAC Wet Ring Vacuum Pump, 1-6 Users

TRU-VAC Wet Ring Vacuum Pump, 1-6 Users

Dive into seriously powerful suction, with the TRU-VAC Wet vacuum! (LRV-4)Our liquid ring wet vacuum sucks up the competition in every way, allowing you to put more focus on your patients, instead of your equipment!

Sierra Dental Products went to great lengths (All the way to Germany!) to choose the perfect motor, to bring the TRU-VAC LRV-4 wet vacuum to life. Pair a high-quality German engineered 2.1 horsepower motor, with good old fashioned American ingenuity, and you’re rewarded with a pint-sized wet vacuum that generates an incredible 12-20 Hg" @ 31.2 CFM… More than enough volume to keep you satisfied with your suction at every operatory, every time!

Maybe it’s the heavy duty electrical components, designed to withstand conditions that far exceed anything you’ll find in today's dental office... Maybe it’s the easy-to-maintain inlet filter, which can be removed, cleaned, and re-installed in 10 minutes or less! Or just maybe, you’re attracted to the rock-solid, 5-year warranty that we confidently place on every TRU-VAC LRV-4 that leaves our manufacturing facility.

If limited space is your enemy, Sierra Dental Products has your back there too! Measuring in at a mere 12”x17”x14” the TRU-VAC LRV-4 can be installed in some pretty tight spaces, making it extremely versatile compared to traditional style liquid ring wet vacuums. Don’t let its size fool you, the TRU-VAC LRV-4 can serve 6 users simultaneously, with absolutely ZERO loss in suction!

Whether you’re a graduating dentist building your first practice, or a seasoned veteran who’s looking for solid, reliable power…Look no further than the TRU-VAC LRV-4 liquid ring vacuum.

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