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Optiblast II Micro-Sandblasting System

Optiblast II Micro-Sandblasting System

Optiblast II™
Micro-Sandblasting System
Abrasive micro-sandblasting is a popular
procedure used in the dental lab for
increasing bonding strengths prior to
repairing or cementing restorations.
Treatment with the Optiblast II prior to
bonding can increase the surface area of
metals, porcelains, and composites up to
400% and greatly increase the resultant
bonding strengths. The non-recirculating
design also makes quick and easy work of
everyday micro cleaning and roughening
tasks in the lab.
Optiblast II is one of the highest value and
easiest to maintain systems available, and
is superior to other microblasters on the
market. Our precision, commercial-grade
needle valve is used to accurately control
airflow as opposed to other systems that
use a less expensive pinch valve system.
It’s another great value from Buffalo
Dental, a proven leader in dental products
and supplies!
• Small body (6 1/2” long x 5/8” diameter) minimizes
fatigue and improves access
• Precision fingertip-controlled needle valve provides
superior tactile sensitivity
• Adjustable head to allow for varying work angles
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