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MK-dent Basic Line High Speed Handpiece,Optic, Standard Head, 5 Hole

MK-dent Basic Line High Speed Handpiece,Optic, Standard Head, 5 Hole

HB15L with light
  • Standard head, 18W, with light
  • 1-hole spray
  • Standard cartridge with ceramic ball bearings
  • 5-hole connection

Powerfully Precise. Round for Round.


The Basic Line spindle has a drill guide with steel sleeve for maximum concentricity and a holding force of 30 N. The perfect balance of each rotor guarantees a vibration-free running and maximum wear resistance.

Unchecked Silent Running with Every Rotation.

Ceramic Bearings

Original MK-dent ceramic bearings run quietly, lightly, and without vibrations. The result is a significantly longer lifetime than steel bearings. This means lower wear and lower follow-up costs. And a quiet working environment.

More Secure Grip.

Basic Grip

The high-quality Basic Grip provides excellent grip for a safe and comfortable work flow. The chrome coating is very durable and easy to clean.

Record Every Detail Clearly.

LED Light

The glass rod light conductor enables true-color, antiglare, and uniform lighting of the entire mouth with more than 25,000 lux.

When combined with MK-dent LED lights for your coupling system, perfect lighting is guaranteed. Even around the molars.

Easy Access to the Entire Oral Cavity.

Head Sizes

Due to the ideal angle combination, you can now reach those hard to reach preparation areas for maximum comfort during treatment.

The small head sizes allow for excellent visibility for precise treatments in the molar region.

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