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LibertyBOSS Amalgam Separator Upgrade Kit, for Wet or Dry Vacuum Systems

LibertyBOSS Amalgam Separator Upgrade Kit, for Wet or Dry Vacuum Systems

The  Upgrade  Kit includes the following;
-  M.A.R.S  LibertyBOSS for up to 3 years, NO maintenance,  NO filters (Value $1,174)
-  Up to one year supply of  PowerLINZ  Evacuation  Line Cleaner*  (Value $136.95)
-  All the parts needed  for a standard  amalgam  separator installation  (Value+/- $100)
-  Installation  video with step by step instructions for installation
-  Two  Revenue Generating  Programs:
FREE Advertising  as  an  "Environmentally Friendly dental practice
1  M.A.R.S  Method  Infection  Control/Marketing
-  Certificate  of  Compliance  -  Written  Guarantee of Compliance
-  Automatic compliance  reminder at  the end of  the LibertyBOSS Service  Life
-  Shipping  and  recycling at  the end  of  the LibertyBOSS Service Life



About the LibertyBOSS Amalgam Separator

LibertyBOSS Amalgam Separator (“BOSS”) service life is as follows:
1-3 chairs – up to 36 Months
4-9 chairs – up to 24 Months
10+ chairs – up to 12 Months

Tested at both 750 ml/minute and 1L/minute dental wastewater flow rates, the “BOSS” easily handles your current performance capacity and will accommodate any future peak flows. Its giant sludge chamber offers maximum capacity.

• The “BOSS” is the only separator to be certified by Environment Canada through Environmental Technology Verification (ETV).
• The unit is certified at greater than 99% separation (ISO 11143 and ADA).
• The “BOSS” is never opened in the dental facility – this eliminates any cross contamination of the office environment by released airborne pathogens.
• The “BOSS” is made of low density polyethylene for strength and durability.
• The “BOSS” has a sludge capacity of over 1 gallon.
• Our ion chelating media bed with more than 25 ounces of media – This media is key to the removal of fine particulate in order to achieve over 99% separation.
• The “BOSS” can easily accommodate 16 dental chairs for up to 12 months and some applications with pre-filters are running as many as 24 chairs through the M.A.R.S “BOSS”.
• The maximum rinse rate for the “BOSS” is 34 liters/minute.
• Large 1 ½” fittings and flexible hose attach to the existing plumbing, always maximizing flow rate. The system is designed to never compromise the suction and to minimize any stress on the vacuum pump.
• No hard plumbing! No wall brackets! Small 12″ diameter footprint for ease of installation in confined spaces.
• The “BOSS” separators exceed all provincial and city water department requirements for amalgam separation.
• All confirmed installations are supplied with a M.A.R.S. Bio-Med Certificate of Compliance (upon request).

$1,310.95 $1,275.00