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Evac-U-Trap, Vacuum Pump Filter, Pkg

Evac-U-Trap, Vacuum Pump Filter, Pkg

Evac-U-Trap, Vacuum Pump Filter

  • Disposable filter eliminates the need of cleaning
  • Includes lid to contain waste
  • Sizes to fit most vacuum pumps

2200- (Qty 12)-Fits 1 & 2hp DentalEz single head, Apollo 1hp/1.5 Single & Dual models, Air Techniques Vac Star models, Ohmeda-Matrix most models, Turbine Industries, Techwest Whirl Vac models, Vacudent-Workhorse single plus a number of other units.

2300- (Qty 8)-Fits DentalEz dual models made after 1978 and Dentsply made after 1991, Matrix 1000/2000/Drymax

2350-FS (Qty 8)-Fits Apollo 2hp, 3hp single & dual models, Air Techniques 1997 and later models, Vacudent-Workhorse dual, Newer Vacstar models w/ new finer mesh screen.

2400 (Qty 8)-Fits Dentsply MVS .75/1.5/2.0/4.0 models made before 1991. 

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